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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

NOTE: New Blog! Confessions34

For anyone actually following this blog on a whim or whatever, I'm moving up a number because yesterday was my birthday.

You can find me at now. :) Hope you'll drop by! is still the email, however, and you can still reach me there.

Dawn Laura

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bad Little Black Duck

Oh my! I've been a very, very bad duck. I don't even know when it was I last updated this thing. I've really no excuse. I'm just sort of languishing.

Do you ever do something, work really hard at it, think you're on the right track and have a pterodactyl come right out of left field and take your head off? And when I say 'pterodactyl', I mean your own conscience fucking with you.

No? Lucky you. Happens to me all the time. It's fantastic!

And by 'fantastic', I mean it sucks.

Okay, first off on a tangent, I'm not going to stick to my weird structure too much because obviously I'm no good at it. I think part of my problem is I'm trying to do this all organized and I simply don't have the patience for all that, so forget it. They're more like guidelines anyway.


Back on track:

What happened was this whirlwind (in my little world anyway because Ed for some reason doesn't have much of a following, which on one hand is good for me screenwriter wise, but blows on the other for the fan-girl in me that craves Ed Quinn everywhere. *ahem*) of The Caller premiere stuff where a flood of interviews came in my email because of my alert. Otherwise, how will I know anything?! Elusive man! Bah!

So anyway, during whirlwind of The Caller (good movie, by the way, I dig thrillers and it got me to jump at least once and had me on the edge of my seat, but that's because I kept waiting for Ed...wamp, wamp, wamp) I get this interview with Ed (finally) where he mentions scripts and how they're sort of hard to come by (I'm severely paraphrasing, I have the link around here, I just can't be arsed right now to track it down) and I went on a tear (oh, look at my previous entry, it's likely there) about how I have a script yadda, yadda, yadda and I went into this mode where I begin to over think literally everything.

Ladies, I know you know what I mean. That thing where you've done awesome, you know you've done awesome and you're patting yourself on the back a job well done and then suddenly...something sneaks in and starts poking at you. "What if" starts floating through your head and before you know it you've talked yourself out of taking that one big important step that's essential for you to realize your dream.

Fuck you, "What if". "What if" kept me from speaking to my writing partner/best friend, Princess Stephanie, for something like a week about anything at all. My other best friend, Policegirl, got the brunt of my "woe is me" bullshit. It's a good thing he and I are so alike, otherwise I don't think he'd put up with my weirdness. Okay, so anyway, Policegirl is fabulous and was like, "Pie," so I was like, "chart" and he was like, "doctor" and I was like, "Quinn" and...okay, no, that was a while ago, but anyway, he pulls me out of my weirdness, sort of and then later Princess Stephanie ends up texting me something along the lines of, "Are you even still alive?!"

It was way less dramatic than that, it was more, "Dude, are you okay?" I asked her to define okay and she replies, "Ah! Well, you are alive! Hooray!" Alive yes, hooray, meh.

I tell her about my weird funk about my script. I suppose I should probably let you in on that as well. I forget that you all are not mind readers and you can't see what's in my head...which is probably a very good thing. For all of us.

My weird little funk, my "what if" is, "What if Ed reads this script and thinks it's utter and complete shit and laughs in my face?" Okay, well first of all, if/when Ed reads it, even if he does think it's shit, I doubt he's the kind of asshole who would start laughing in my face. If he struck me as that sort of person, I wouldn't be so enamored by him. Second of all, two words: Blood Out. I love you, Ed. I really, really do, but ugh the holes in that movie drive me insane. Likely because I adore him and I have a tendency to be super critical of those that I adore, it's some weird reaction I have. I grin like an idiot, but I gotta pick it apart. It's out of love, I swear.

So Princess Stephanie's like, "What's up?" and I tell her my sob story about not being sure of whether or not I should even be worrying about this script and whatever. I wasn't even sure I should be writing. Blah!

She informs me that her friend wants to direct it and is gonna see about what we need to do as far as raising $$ and whatnot because he's really excited about making this movie. Hooray!

I'm hesitant to be too excited yet because this all still hinges on whether or not Ed thinks I'm batshit insane.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ed Quinn Wants A Script?

Bah! I have one. Seriously, I just finished it and I'm trying to get a production company to work with me!

Ed! I wrote it *just* for you!

Ugh, this is so frustrating.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finally! A little bit of Ed in a world of Stephen and Rachelle.

And I have the lovely Puertorican Twilighters to thank for this. I'm not sure who the angel is that shared a few photos with me (thank you sooooo much) without my even asking, but I can't thank whomever it was enough! Imagine my delight after leaving an innocent 'thank you' on their page finding extra photos of Ed from the premiere in my inbox. *squee!* *thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou*

Amid a world of fans of the main stars of the movie The Caller, Stephen Moyer and Rachelle Lefevre, I'm far more interested in the 'villain' Ed Quinn portrays because as we all know I'm a bit in love with him these days.

As soon as I knew the release date of the film, I've been rabidly searching the net for any information on a premiere or anything to satiate my need for new information on Ed. He's elusive...

Finally, in the last couple of days since the premiere, I've been flooded with information on the film, but not so much on Ed's part in it. Let alone images. It's incredibly hard to find images of him that are recent and haven't been seen a hundred times over and like a savior with wings! Puertorican Twilighters swoops in to save the day.

*sigh* Thank you, so, so much. Now, I just have to wait until it's available to purchase in the US!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Little Gem....

Stumbled upon this little gem last night while looking for and doing something else on YouTube. Wasn't even looking for anything Ed Quinn related, but there he was just staring at me. Ed just seems to find me wherever I go! I'd never seen this one either and I'm still buzzing.

Those would be little pink hearts floating around my head about now. <3

Monday, August 22, 2011

Conversations with Princess Stephanie

Princess Stephanie: some fucking hospital person just crawled up my ass about not wearing my seatbelt. OY…
Confessions: omg
Princess Stephanie: I was like “ya, well I know people that would have died if they had their belt on, so I’d like to see your definitive proof…unless you have come to this stoplight unprepared.”
Confessions: lol if you said that, I’m himping [sic] your leg next time I see you
Princess Stephanie: I did say it. Then the light changed and I drove away angry. Hahaha!
Confessions: humping your leg later! LOL!
Princess Stephanie: Well that’s another way to greet people I suppose. When you meet Ed, hump his leg. Haha
Confessions: Uhm…no. I’ll hand him my knee, but I won’t be humping his leg…at least not early on in our relationship. ;) I know you…you’d be more shocked if I just hugged you……
Princess Stephanie: You speak the truth! Hahaha
Confessions: lol you nut
Princess Stephanie: ME?!? You da one humpin mah leg lady! I’m just the one who knows you well enough not to react to it!
Confessions: LOL. You also tell no tales.
Princess Stephanie: We’re so very strange…
Confessions: oh, I’m typing this up…

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Caller: Yes, Thank You...oh,!

Okay, I'm so annoyed.

First of all this movie was filmed something like two years ago and we're just now getting around to making it available to the masses. Well, fine. At least we're getting it! :D New Ed! Hooray! <3<3

Silver Lining: It's being released in theaters! Yay!

What sucks about that lining is it's only being released in five states. Yes, only five and mine isn't one of them. Oh, it would be if I still lived in Arizona, but no. Not even New York is getting it. Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas, & Arizona (I believe) are the five lucky states to get this movie in theaters. Arizona only gets it in ONE theater, though. Happily, it's one -were I still living there- I frequent.

Second of all reading the attached interview it seems that Mr. Ed Quinn has a larger part than the trailer and all other media suggests, which annoys me. What double annoys me is that Rachelle says something to the effect, " need to see Ed (Quinn), you need to see that relationship at some point..." Great! Sign me up!

Can we get any of that in the trailers? Even just a glimpse? No. I'm so tired of Ed getting pushed off into the background of movies he clearly should have more face time in. They did this same shit to him in Blood Out. His crazy accent aside he's seriously the best actor in the entire bloody movie and if he weren't there the movie...well, just forget it. My opinion, he should have been on the cover instead of that idiot 50 Cent who was in the movie a total of eight minutes. UGH!

Quit teasing me and freaking release The Caller already!!!! You're killin' me over here!